ToughLie 360 has been the perfect complement to our limited size range! Our members are constantly commenting on how smart of a purchase it was and how they appreciate the Golf Operation investing back in them and their games. Along with adding a great amenity to our range facility, it has been a driving force in lesson revenues for all our Professionals. Uneven lies are a small piece of the instruction pie and this machine makes teaching and practicing this piece incredibly easy and efficient. We’re looking forward to many years with the ToughLie 360!”

Nick Muller, PGA
PGA Certified Professional
Director of Golf
The Country Club of Lincoln, Lincoln, Nebraska
I love our ToughLie 360. It is so light and portable yet durable. My students and our customers at Cog Hill can practice any lie they desire right there on the range in one place. It is one of the truly great player development aids that had been missing from our learning center.”

Kevin Weeks, PGA
Golf Channel Academy – Lead Instructor
Golf Digest Top 50 Instructor
GOLF Magazine Top 100 Teacher
GRAA Top 50 Growth of the Game Teacher
2005, 2007, 2009 Illinois Section Teacher of the Year
US Kids Golf Master Instructor
Director of Instruction
Cog Hill Golf & Country Club
Lemont, Illinois
The first time I saw ToughLie 360 I loved it, and my members on the range wanted to use it.”

Shawn Cox, PGA
2016 Southern California PGA Section Horton Smith Award Recipient
2013 PGA San Diego Golf Professional of the Year Award
Director of Golf
Fairmont Grand Del Mar
San Diego, California
The unit is simple to use for our members and allows our teachers to expand their teaching with students to actual on course conditions.”

Harry Hammond, PGA
Master Professional
West Chester University Men’s Golf Coach
2012 National Bill Strausbaugh Award Winner
USKG Master Instructor
1991 Philadelphia Section Professional of the Year
Philadelphia Section Hall of Fame Inductee
Penn Oaks Golf Club
West Chester, Pennsylvania
The biggest challenge for me as an instructor is teaching and being able to practice uneven lies. Let’s face it, it’s hard to find a flat lie at most golf courses. The ToughLie 360 is the first product on the market that solves this problem, conveniently and effectively. My students love the ability to practice all types of uneven lies on the range and during their lessons. Our Superintendent also loves it as I no longer have to teach these lies on the golf course! Every range in the world should have the ToughLie 360 for their Instructors and customers.” 

Randy Chang, PGA
2015 Youth Player Development Award
2010 Southern California Section Teacher of the Year
2002 Aloha Section Teacher of the Year
Director of Instruction
Randy Chang Golf Schools
Temecula, California
ToughLie 360 has been a beneficial teaching and learning aid for our members. It provides a simple, convenient and effective way to practice different lies that a golf course presents and has helped them lower scores.” 

Tanya Dergal, PGA, LPGA
Director of Instruction
Brentwood Country Club of Los Angeles
Los Angeles, California
The ToughLie 360 platforms have been a hit since we put them in.  So much so that we are installing a cement pad at both the chipping green and the range so that it will be easier for all to use and maintain.  It will enhance our teaching and coaching programs allowing our students/players the opportunity to practice these lies year round.  We have a 8 station driving range if you recall and hit off mats year round, so we could not replicate uneven lies to practice.  Great training aid and look forward to using them for years to come.” 

John Winterhalter, PGA
Head Golf Professional
Forest Lake Club
The ToughLie 360 is great! It will be a valuable teaching tool for us at the club this season and going forward. We don’t have very many level lies at Muirfield Village.” 

Chad Middaugh, PGA
2009 & 2010 PGA President’s Council on Growing the Game
2011 Southern Michigan Chapter PGA
Director of Instruction
Muirfield Village Golf Club
Dublin, Ohio
I’ve had the opportunity to use the ToughLie 360 on the lesson tee for a couple of months at Bonita Bay Club in Bonita Springs, FL. It has quickly become one of my favorite tools. I use it in every lesson and find it enhances the experience for my students. ToughLie 360 is the perfect way to show students how to address uneven lies, and improve balance but my favorite way to use the unit is to assist with swing changes and fundamental movement feels. If I want to encourage someone to feel themselves shift their weight, I set them on a downhill lie. To get someone to maintain their posture, I will set them up with the ball on an uphill lie. To eliminate the chicken wing in someone’s swing I set the ball below their feet. The ToughLie 360 unit is easy to rotate and the results I’ve seen in improvements are rapid. Now that I’ve had the chance to use this tool I wouldn’t want to teach without it!”

Megan Padua, PGA, LPGA
Golf Digest Top 40 Best Young Teachers
USKG Master Instructor
GRAA Top 50 Growth of the Game Teaching Professional
Director of Instruction
Bonita Bay Club
Bonita Springs, Florida
Maidstone Club
East Hampton, New York
The Cal-Poly Men’s and Women’s golf teams have loved using the ToughLie 360 to work on all uneven-lie shots. Its adjustability is so easy and the turf holds the ball perfectly in place at all angles. We have both the 4-degree and 8-degree units, which allow us to simulate nearly any shot found during a round of golf. Furthermore, we have incorporated our launch monitor with it as well to read side spin and curvature of the shots from different lies.” 

Scott Cartwright, PGA
Men’s and Women’s Head Coach
Cal-Poly University
San Luis Obispo, California
The ToughLie 360 is an integral part of our practice tee. Greenwich CC has many uneven lies so this has been great for the members to practice on and has also been used by my Professionals as a part of their lesson programs.”

Andrew Gruss, PGA
Connecticut Section Assistant Professional of the Year
Head Golf Professional
Greenwich Country Club
Greenwich, Connecticut
The ToughLie 360 has been a superb and well-needed addition to our practice and learning environment at The Landings Club. It’s very easy to set up and move around to either long game or short game areas, draws attention, is easy to add hillside lies into a practice regimen and there are no divots to deal with! ToughLie 360 is perfect for large group demo clinics and adds a very professional look to the practice environment. Our members truly enjoy using it and it is always a topic of interest!” 

Ty Weller, PGA
Head Professional
The Landings – Deer Creek
Savannah, Georgia
I would like to share with you my experience using the ToughLie 360 with my students. In the short period of time we have been able to use it, it has been a fantastic new teaching tool for a variety of situations. In its simplest form, I have used it for explaining and practicing awkward lies, all too common at our facility and many courses throughout Colorado. I have used it more for my students as a way of feeling static and dynamic balance or posture. The ToughLie 360 allows my students to train and feel proper balance and footwork no matter the position. It has also been a wonderful tool to practice impact position in the downhill and side hill lie settings. With great confidence, I will continue to use the ToughLie 360 with all of my students. It has been a great tool and my students thoroughly enjoy using it. Many ask to use it on their own time when not in a lesson setting which is a testament to the feedback it provides and the difference it makes for my students.” 

Adam Finch, PGA
Assistant Professional
Fossil Trace Golf Club
Golden, Colorado
I have used ToughLie 360 in just about every lesson this spring because as you know, the golf course is not level. While I am building a skill with a student, why not test it on a lie they will likely encounter on the golf course?”

Elizabeth Granahan, PGA
2016 Golf Digest Best Teachers in State (PA)
GRAA Elite Status Teaching Professional
2009 Philadelphia Section Teacher of the Year
Owner / Director of Instruction
G2 Golf Academy
Malvern, Pennsylvania
At Persimmon Woods Golf Club, we are always looking to enhance our practice facility – an amenity that becomes more important to our members each year. When we saw the ToughLie 360, we were instantly intrigued by the possibility of offering a maintenance-free practice option for our members that accurately reflected the various shots they might encounter while out on the course. When I learned that PGA Magazine was behind this product, it closed the deal. Their superb service and commitment to quality parallels this product. I would recommend this product to any club looking to add something meaningful to their members/customers practice experience!” 

Benjiman Kent, PGA
2015 Gateway Section Professional of the Year
2012 Gateway Section Horton Smith Award Winner
Gateway PGA Section President
General Manager / Director of Golf
Persimmon Woods Golf Club
Weldon Spring, Missouri
Since investing in ToughLie 360, I have seen an incredible increase in my lesson volume and members at El Niguel CC frequently ask to use the product for their personal practice. My students view their time on ToughLie 360 as an experience while developing a new skill, which certainly raises my credibility as a teacher and a coach. The unit paid for itself in 2 weeks! ToughLie 360 has been the best investment to my instruction program since the purchase of my ball-flight monitor.”

Wade Wilson, PGA
2017 Top 50 USKG Teaching Professional
Director of Instruction
El Niguel Country Club
Laguna Niguel, California
One of the most asked questions I get as a PGA Professional is about uneven lies. Practicing on a flat, perfect lie doesn’t necessarily prepare our students for the reality of different lies they encounter on the course. The ToughLie 360 has finally given my members and myself the answer to all those questions. We have run numerous uneven lie clinics, given countless private lessons and had multiple hours of personal practice with the ToughLie 360. One of the biggest advantages I have seen for my students and even for myself is club selection for different lies. We can now practice different lies and angles to determine what club to use from all the various situations we find on the course.” 

Wes Grantham, PGA
Head Professional
Callawassie Island Club
Okatie, South Carolina
From the first time I tested the ToughLie 360 at the PGA Professional of the Year Conference at Bandon Dunes, I knew I had found the perfect teaching tool for our golf course. Built into the rolling hills of the Main Line of Philadelphia, it is often said that there are no flat lies at Overbrook. Unfortunately, like most facilities, finding a place to practice uneven lies is next to impossible. Since bringing in the ToughLie 360 this Spring, my members have enjoyed duplicating the difficult sidehill lies of #4 & 5, the tricky uphill lies that face many of our elevated greens and the treacherous downhill lie facing their second shot on #14. It is the most unique, versatile and reliable teaching and practicing aid I’ve seen in years. I can’t say enough good things about the ToughLie 360.” 

Eric Kennedy, PGA
2015 Philadelphia Section Professional of the Year
2014 Philadelphia Section Bill Strausbaugh Award Winner
Head Professional
Overbrook Golf Club
Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania
We love innovation and offering programming to make practice more fun as well as more productive. There are the obvious benefits of students learning to make full swing and short game shots from uneven lies. However, we also use the ToughLie 360 for assistance during golf lessons to modify posture, swing plane & path, stability, and ball flight. It’s great for clinics, draws attention to our Teaching Area, encourages short game practice, and lesson revenue is up since introducing the ToughLie 360 as part of our Instructional Program.” 

Michael Marion, PGA
Master Professional
2009 Horton Smith Award Winner
CordeValle Golf Club
San Martin, California
The ToughLie 360 has been an invaluable resource to our professional teaching staff here at Lake Hefner Golf Club. Rarely do my students get the opportunity to routinely practice shots they typically encounter on the course. However, for my more experienced players looking to build on their skill set, the ToughLie 360 allows us to simulate most every lie they will face. It has certainly added value to each lesson and provided a competitive advantage to our teaching staff by having access to this great product.”

Brad Sliauter, PGA
Head Golf Professional
Director of Club Fitting
Lake Hefner Golf Club
4491 S. Lake Hefner Drive
Oklahoma City, OK 73116
This is the best and most realistic teaching aid I’ve seen that helps the student or player transition from the range to the course in regard to uneven lies.

Ken Klisz, PGA
2006, 2007, 2009, 2010 PGA President’s Council on Growing the Game
2006 Southern California Section Fitter of the Year
Director of Instruction
Tustin Ranch Golf Club
Tustin, California
The ToughLie 360 has been a welcome addition to our practice facility and player development programs at Hidden Valley Country Club. It has allowed us to create a practice and teaching environment that allows golfers to practice and learn on all lies with the ease and functionality of not having to create multiple range stations. I would recommend it to any facility that is looking to provide an enhanced experience for their golfers to improve at a minimal cost compared to benefit the players, teachers and facility receive.”

Ward Sutton, PGA
Master Professional
PGA Certified Professional, Instruction
PGA Hope Instructor
TPI Certified Coach
Director of Club Operations
Hidden Valley Country Club
Reno, Nevada
From the moment we took delivery of our ToughLie 360, our members have been excited to try it. We use it during most lessons. It’s great for exaggerating forward weight shift and allows us to work on all kinds of lies without trying to find space on the golf course. It makes the superintendent happy that we’re not out there taking divots while working on side hill lies.”

Doug VanWickler, PGA
2012 Maine Chapter Horton Smith Award Winner
2009 Maine Chapter Golf Professional of the Year
2005 Maine Chapter PGA Teacher of the Year
2000, 2002-2008 Golf Digest Best Teachers in State, Maine
Director of Golf
The Woodlands Club
Falmouth, Maine
PGA Professionals have always been in need of facilities to instruct their students on uneven lies. ToughLie 360 answers the questions not only for uneven lies, but provides me the ability to produce the feel needed to help students with fundamental swing flaws. This tool makes my lessons more productive and creates a value-driven experience for my students. I wholeheartedly recommend ToughLie 360 to the PGA Golf Instructors who are looking for added tools to enhance their student’s experiences.”

Dick Smith, PGA
PGA of America Past President
Philadelphia Section PGA Hall of Fame Member
PGA of America Hall of Fame Member
Valleybrook Golf Club
Blackwood, New Jersey
The ToughLie 360 has been great addition to the Rumson Country Club practice facility allowing us to create any shot our players will face on the course. I use it often with lessons to help the player with feels for both weight transfer and club path. It is especially a bit hit with our junior golfers allowing them to let their imagination run wild with different shots!”

Brad Olson, PGA
Head Golf Professional
Rumson Country Club
Rumson, New Jersey
We have 2 ToughLie 360 units, we use one in our Teaching & Fitting Lab and one for VIP Membership use. The ToughLie 360 we use with students has been a hit and they have been excited to be able to learn how to hit any type of shot that they may encounter on the golf course. In the past, we could only give them a lesson on either a flat lie or one type of lie which was downhill on our grass tees. By expanding the lie options, we have seen excitement and growth in our instructional program. The second unit is on the Tee line and is displayed with signage for VIP Members only. The ToughLie 360 is visible to all and is included in our membership program, which has been an added value and has increased membership sales.”

Rick Kline, PGA
GRAA Advisory Board Member
Head Golf Professional
Sittler Golf Center
Kutztown, Pennsylvania
ToughLie 360 has been an instant success at the Haggin Oaks Golf Course. Our teachers, students and range customers find the unit easy to use and a far superior way to improve their ability to play on the golf course. We recommend the unit to anyone looking to get more out of their practice time on the range.”

Mike Woods, PGA
GRAA Advisory Board Member
Haggin Oaks Golf Complex
Sacramento, California
I’ve been in the golf business for over 15 years with substantial time, energy, and effort dedicated towards growing the game for juniors. If you’re truly committed to improving your game from uneven lies the ToughLie 360 is not only practical, but it is designed as a game changer for juniors to develop the skills necessary to thrive.”

Mike Herzog, PGA
2017, 2016 USKG Top 50 Teaching Professional
2017 Dakota Chapter Facility Promoter of the Year
2015 Dakota Chapter Junior Golf Leader of the Year
2013 NJCAA Division II Men’s Coach of the Year
2012 Minnesota Section Player Development Award Winner
Golf Etc, Bismarck
Bismarck, North Dakota
ToughLie 360 is a great teaching product…As with most ranges, ours is flat and allows only replicating good even lies. Marlborough CC is a very hilly course and ToughLie 360 allows members to practice and replicate similar on-course situations. The greatest feature as a teaching professional is how easy it is to change the lie, I do it with a simple spin with my foot. Everyone that gets on it and gives it a try expresses their gratitude and they simply love it.”

Liz Farland, PGA
Head Golf Professional
Marlborough Country Club
Marlborough, Massachusetts