Ted Babcock, PGA: Courses With Uneven Lies

PGA Magazine

Ted Babcock, the 2016 PGA Rocky Mountain Section Assistant Professional of the Year, is the PGA Assistant Golf Professional at the Valley View Golf Club, in Bozeman, Montana.

“At Valley View Golf Club, our 2016 spring women’s instruction program lacked the attendance and excitement I was hoping for in my second year at the club. There were two groups that met on our practice range and putting area weekly. By the end of May, our Ladies Play Day was in full swing. The mindset was more on playing than taking lessons or participating in group clinics. So later that fall, when the play days were over, we did something different. We offered three FREE group playing lessons. The three free sessions saw almost two dozen women golfers learning concepts like course management and pre-shot routine.

With that success in mind, we implemented a fall on-course instruction program that was four weeks long. This program essentially took us to the end of the season. The four weekly group playing lessons focused on learning about hitting to a target and improving their on-course performance. The participants realized how different the range was from actually being on the course, with uneven lies, varying wind conditions, water, sand, and rough. It was a wonderfully popular program. This ended by conducting one range session to focus on issues the women may have experienced in their swings during play.”

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