• Easily rotates 360° – Re-create every lie on your course within seconds
  • Revenue generator for Clinics/Camps/Lessons
  • Ideal for teaching both long and short game
  • Perfect for players of all ability levels, from beginners to experts
  • Provide your students an exciting new reason to engage in a comprehensive lesson program
  • Affordable pricing, incremental revenue opportunities for PGA Professionals


  • Simple to use for any player – No instructions needed
  • Two Units available – 4° & 8° Gradients
  • Engage your customer with fun new way to practice
  • Ideal for your driving range and short game facilities alike
  • Perfect for changing the lie and club between shots
  • Contoured sides allow the user to easily slide balls onto the hitting surface


  • Easy to move
  • Fits into any range facility footprint
  • Fiberglass construction yields uncompromising durability
  • No divots to repair

ToughLie 360 Information


8-Degree Unit
  • Height on Highest Side: 8.5”
  • Height on Lowest Side: 2.5”
4-Degree Unit
  • Height on Highest Side: 7.5”
  • Height on Lowest Side: 3.5”

Spring and Lazy-Susan Mechanism

  • Load needed (in lbs.) before spring is compressed – With spring at correct adjustment 40 lbs.
  • Materials of all parts (anti-rust) – Stainless steel and aluminum. There is nothing to rust.
  • Different height settings (and why) – A flat hard surface doesn’t require as much spring pressure as an uneven grassy surface. (4) different setting heights.

For instructions on how to adjust the ToughLie 360 height settings, please watch the video below.


Contact Bryant Shuford, PGA, at service@toughlie360.com.

Accessories: Cart Caddie and Roller

Each accessory, the Cart Caddie and the Roller, are priced at $150 each. Please reach out to Bryant Shuford, PGA, for more information at sales@toughlie360.com. To learn more about the accessories, please watch the video below.


  • Special PGA Professional Price: $2,250.00 + shipping fees*
  • Non-PGA Consumer Price: $2,750.00 + shipping fees*

*Freight charges from California will apply.


All orders should be placed by filling out the digital order form PDF and sending completed forms to Bryant Shuford, PGA, at sales@toughlie360.com.

PGA PROFESSIONALS: Use this order form.
NON-PGA PROFESSIONALS: Use this order form.


  • 8-Degree Unit Weight: 85 lbs.
  • 4-Degree Unit Weight: 85 lbs.


  • Designed to withstand many years of UV light and temperature changes, up to 5 years
  • Foam rubber and adhesive to adhere turf to fiberglass beneath mat
  • Astroturf quality matting similar to what is found in major sports arenas

Fiberglass Base

  • Multiple hand laid fiberglass woven mat and chipped stran along with core mat and wood achieves the correct deck strength and skirt stiffness. The process is similar to boat construction.
  • Strength and load bearing of 800-1,000 lbs.

Pull Strap

  • Made of stainless steel lock cable with a plastic sleeve.
  • Can also be used to lock and secure the ToughLie 360 unit to the ground or any immoveable object.


  • Three holes positioned at lowest point of the surface to allow water to drain.

Made in the USA, Patented.

Watch the ToughLie 360 Video:

Please note: This video was made prior to changing the product name from "Rough Lie" to "ToughLie 360”. Why the change: we wanted everyone to know that the platform helps on all types of uneven lies: from the rough, from the fairway, and from around the green. And we wanted to make it very clear that the unit easily rotates a full 360 degrees to allow for all types of lies. Enjoy!